Some found their forever homes; some are still waiting… for you!

Last weekend, I participated in a local craft fair. It was the slightly-earlier-in-the-year sequel to the holiday craft fair I participated in last December.

Last fall, having only recently moved to this town (for grad school) and having only recently opened my Etsy shop… I decided it couldn’t hurt to get involved in a local event and try it out! This year’s fair was just as fun and rewarding as last year’s.

This year’s craft fair crew!

Many of the Kniterative Designs animals found their forever homes:

Adrienne (whom I managed to finish the night before) was adopted by a fellow vendor at the craft fair! Adrienne’s big green eyes and corduroy soft fur must have won her over…

Two of the mice – Douglas and Adam – each found a forever home as well.

Bartholomew the gray tabby kitten will be a new buddy for a boy who recently found out he’s allergic to cats. This little kitten is so ready for some sneeze-free adventures and snuggles!

Finally, Charlotte will be joining a family who will welcome a low-maintenance pet – she doesn’t need to be walked, fed, or bathed, and she hardly barks at all! She’s such a good girl.

Chloe the yellow lab, Pedro the tan corduroy bunny, Fred the red golden retriever, and Rosie (the rabbiter) the pink fuzzy bunny are still available for adoption, plus all the crocheted carrots you can (pretend to) eat!

Look for new crocheted mice, picture postcards, and magnets, which will be added to my Etsy shop early next week – just in time for an upcoming Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale!

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